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26 февраля 2019 г.

NS-USBloader v0.2.2 [EN]

22:59 Опубликовал Дмитрий Исаенко , , 11 коммент.
New version of NS-USBloader released.
What's new? GoldLeaf support. And UI improvements of course. Actually I don't really like GoldLeaf since USB support is weak/unstable for now and have some bugs, so I would strongly recommend get TinFoil and use it for now.
Why v0.2.2? That's because I got some feedback regarding how v0.2 worked. So in v0.2.1 I changed a bit progress bar behaviour and in v0.2.2 fixed some dependency issues that didn't allow using it in macOS. Thanks to reddit users who helped me with this.
So as I learned, the requirements to use Java8+ is not good enough, and actually people have to get 8u60 or higher. It contains missed methods of the JavaFX elements.. and it's wired thing. Oracle decided to 'detach' JavaFX to separate project (openJFX) and in JRE/JDK 11 (for example) java code uses embedded libraries that are self-described and awesome by itself. But it's all just my thoughts.
Sooooooooo, new version. Here you go:
Yeah, new white theme. Disabled by-default but I like it =)

When I looked on GoldLeaf I asked myself 'WHY?' realized, that there is no way to transfer multiple files at once (this project is actively growth so maybe, in future they will add such feature). That's why table appeared. It's sort of limitation to leave ability for multiple files selection and in same time restrict their number for GoldLeaf. Restriction is useless (?) but possible for TinFoil.
Looking on it now, I see a lack of "select all/unselect all" checkbox on column level. Maybe it would be good to add it and set inactive when 'GoldLeaf' selected.
Also, obviously it should be great to add drag-and-drop files ability.. Anyway all these restrictions are non-critical.

Another thing added is settings storage. NS-USBloader can remember user settings such as selected backend application, theme, opened with NSP files. It uses internal Java's feature that bla-bla-bla create files/windows registry entry for application. As I know, in Linux file with settings located at ~/.java/.userPrefs/NS-USBloader/prefs.xml. In windows it's somewhere near HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\... . No idea where is it on macOS. Somewhere in /Library I guess.

Well, this is all I wanted to tell.


11 комментариев:

  1. I can help you make the French translation and the Portuguese too. Just let me know if you want me to do it

    1. Hi. Well, these languages already supported, but you could update non-translated strings if you want. Please refer to page noted below for information about how to do it. The best way is pull request or new issue with the link/text.


      Thank you!

  2. Hi, there is a bug in Android version where the notification doesn't go away after disconnecting the Switch.

  3. Hi, when uploading/sending files it stops at the half of the file when using with goldleaf, can you help me?

  4. Ответы
    1. It's already in there for DBI and Awoo installer, which are using 'Tinfoil'-like protocol. First one for USB only, second one only for the Net. So formally it's supported.

  5. Hello,

    I'm having an issue with the version 2.0, select files button not working. I would be grateful if you can fix this issue. Thank you for bringing so awesome tool.

    1. Hi,
      Here is the link where you can file a bug: https://github.com/developersu/ns-usbloader/issues
      Please note your OS (family+version), JRE or JDK version you installed (java -version) and also it would be great if you check if something appears in console after you clicking 'select' button.